Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Comments about the Sept. 27th Anchor Article

Did you all see page 11 of the September 27 Anchor? It had articles about the green-up clean=up day event and a letter lamenting the loss of half-price bus discounts for RIC students.

The clean-up day article was quite comprehensive, but was written before we had any tallies about what is in the litter stream. But now that the tally results are available, this gives an opportunity for the Green Team to designate someone to describe the results in a follow-up article. We now know the prevalence of cigarette butts, so this is an opportunity to remind smokers about proper disposal.

As for the bus issue, with the added RIPTA fare increase, RIC student monthly passes went from $27.50 to $62. By providing (expensive!) "free" parking here while eliminating the bus discount, our Board of Governors is adopting a policy that not only encourages pollution and congestion on our roads, it is regressive as students who may not be able to afford a car subsidize, with tuition money, those who drive and park free. It is ironic we have a fee to use the library, but not the parking lots! The next Board meeting is at RIC on Nov 4, perhaps the Green Team should make a presentation asking the Board to re-join the Upass discount system (which URI still has as well as almost all the private colleges.)